One of a kind

The history of the church in Curraj i Epërm was often unfortunate. According to the carvings in its walls, it was build in 1897 and it is one of 2 catholic churches in Albania, that were not torn down during the reign of Enver Hoxha’s terrifying communist regime. It attempted to bring the building down in 1967, but fortunately, the church was saved thanks to the effort of local inhabitants, who managed to protect it. The church has a second floor, which used to be inhabited by a local communist chief, and its interior was repaired as a part of the activities of the Albanian Challenge project.

Inside the church, 2 old bells can be found – both of them used to work, but both of them developed a crack, which reduces their function to a visual decoration. Right next to the church, there is an old building which used to be the local school – it was build on the site of the old cemetery. In the times when Curraj i Epërm was still not as empty as it is now, more than 150 families that lived in the village used to send their children here. Now, the school’s condition is deteriorating and it’s future is uncertain.